Radiofrequency-Targeted Vertebral Augmentation™ (RF-TVA™) with the StabiliT® Vertebral Augmentation System first debuted in Europe in 2006. Entry into the United States spine fracture treatment arena followed in 2008. To date, thousands of physicians worldwide have performed RF-TVA (previously known as RF Kyphoplasty in Europe) with the StabiliT System in over 30,000 cases. The high degree of control and excellent clinical results this innovative procedure provides has resulted in it’s increasingly being the physicians device of choice for treatment of vertebral compression fractures. Clinically demonstrated, RF-TVA with the StabiliT System has provided significant and durable back pain relief to patients after undergoing vertebral augmentation. RF-TVA with the StabiliT System clinical results have been the subject of more than 30 published articles, peer reviews, meeting abstracts, and book chapters worldwide.  See DFINE bibliography.

Published Results

Published clinical data for RF-TVA using the StabiliT Vertebral Augmentation System has demonstrated significant and durable pain relief. When compared to conventional balloon kyphoplasty, RF-TVA has been reported to allow for reduced procedural time and improved extravasation rates.