BPoserDr. Poser has over 20 years of experience in medical device development at Baylor College of Medicine, Harrington Arthritis Research Center, Norian Corporation and Corazon Technologies. Following completion of his D.V.M. at the University of Georgia and postdoctoral clinical training, Dr. Poser completed a non-clinical fellowship in orthopedic surgery and science with a focus on biomaterials, implant design, periprosthetic bone remodeling and device product development. Upon completing his fellowship Dr. Poser was appointed Head of the Experimental Surgery at the Harrington Arthritis Research Center. Recruited to industry, he joined Norian Corporation and served as Vice President of Research and Development, directing innovative applied research and clinical application of novel calcium phosphate cement technology. Dr. Poser served as a consultant to the medical device industry prior to becoming Vice President of Science and Technology at Corazon Technology, developing minimally invasive biomimetic technology for preferential demineralization of calcific cardiovascular tissue. He joined DFINE as Vice President of Scientific and Medical Affairs in November, 2005. Dr. Poser is well published and holds numerous patents in the field of medical device innovation.