Metastatic Spinal Tumor Information Resources [Section: SPINE TUMOR, PATIENTS]

DFINE has compiled additional resources to help you as well as your family and friends better understand what causes metastatic spinal tumors and what you can do to lessen their impact on your quality of life.

Direct links to additional information about the spine and cancer.
• American Cancer Society
• National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Health
• Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Direct links to additional information on metastatic spinal tumors.
• National Cancer Institute – Metastatic Cancer
• Mayo Clinic
• The Merck Manual - Home Health Handbook: Older People’s Health Issues
• Back and Neck Pain

Locate a Physician
Click here to locate a physician in your area to learn more about treatments for metastatic spinal tumors using the STARTM Tumor Ablation System.