Spinal Tumor Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with metastatic spinal tumors, there are many treatment options you may consider and some important factors to account for in selecting a treatment plan in conjunction with your oncologist and/or primary physician.

Some important factors to understand when a spinal tumor is involved include:
• Type, size, and location of the metastatic tumor
• Type of primary cancer
• Site(s) to which the disease has metastasized
• Strength of the spinal vertebra(e) affected
• Presence of any neurologic symptoms (e.g., tingling, burning or numb sensation)
• Treatments you are undergoing or have undergone
• Your overall health and energy level

Keeping these and other factors in mind, spinal tumor treatment options that you may want to consider include radiation therapy and radiosurgery, spinal surgery, and minimally invasive ablative spine procedures, such as cryotherapy or radiofrequency ablation.