Patient Testimonials

Here’s what patients have to say about their RF Kyphoplasty recovery after undergoing Radiofrequency-Targeted Vertebral Augmentation™ (RF-TVA™) with the StabiliT® System

RF-TVA Outcome - Marland T.

“Before I had the operation…my life was really impacted… Once I was out of the operating room, the pain was gone and I could get up and move around, I felt just fine. I was completely restored.”

RF-TVA Outcome - Hazel B.

“I walked every day and had a yard full of flowers. I was up and around and very active for a 78 year-old women. I couldn’t do any of that with my fracture – I was in much pain. Immediately after the surgery I was pain free. I have no pain since then.”

RF-TVA Outcome - Carol D.

"The procedure was quick, painless, and immediately afterward I felt better!"

Now that you have seen and heard what patients are saying, consult with your physician to see if RF-TVA with the Stability System is right for you.


RF-TVA Patient Story