The StabiliT® System In Action During RF-TVA™

Radiofrequency-Targeted Vertebral Augmentation (RF-TVA™) (formerly RF kyphoplasty) with the StabiliT® Vertebral Augmentation System, uniquely addresses limitations of current therapies such as traditional vertebroplasty and conventional balloon kyphoplasty in the treatment of vertebral compression fractures. RF-TVA achieves targeted site- and size-specific cavity creation through a single access point by using the VertecoR® MidLine Osteotome. This device enables:

  • Unipedicular, bone sparing cavity creation
  • Creation of preferential paths for targeted delivery of ultra-high viscosity cement
  • Optimal surface area for interdigitation
  • Near and long term mechanical stability

Reduced radiation exposure

StabiliT® energy-responsive (ER) Bone Cements can be remotely delivered to minimize radiation exposure.

RF-TVA with the StabiliT System allows StabilitT ER Bone Cements to be injected in a controlled manner from a distance of up to 10 feet from the patient, thereby reducing exposure to harmful radiation, such as X-rays, during bone cement delivery.


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