Targeted Radiofrequency Ablation (t-RFA) using the STARTM  Tumor Ablation System

Meaningful pain relief and focused tumor destruction is available in a single t-RFA procedure, often performed in an outpatient setting.

Controlled access and navigation

The articulating SpineSTAR™ Ablation Instrument allows physicians to navigate the vertebrae from a minimally invasive uniportal approach to create site-specific tumor ablation zones.  Unlike other ablation tools, the STAR Tumor Ablation System was specifically designed to treat metastatic tumors within the unique anatomy of the spine.

This uniportal approach to the vertebrae helps minimize:
•    Incisions to the patient and associated infection risk
•    Passes of the spinal column and the potential for spinal cord injury

Controlled energy delivery

The MetaSTARTM RF Generator connects with the bipolar SpineSTAR Ablation Instrument to display direct feedback to the physician including:
•    RF cycle time
•    Active impedance measurements
•    Real-time temperatures at multiple locations within and at the periphery of the ablation zone

Controlled ablation zone

Controlled access and energy delivery combine to ensure consistent and predictable site-specific ablation zones.  In addition to these advantages, physicians can monitor  real-time ablation zone development within the vertebral body to make informed intra-operative adjustments.

The targeted Radiofrequency Ablation (t-RFA) procedure using the STAR Tumor Ablation System  allows physicians to offer acute pain relief with a single, minimally invasive procedure.  Compatible with other systemic therapies, t-RFA expands the range of treatment options for patients with painful spinal tumors.